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Five Best Opportunities To Ask For Salary Review



salary review

The year just began and we all have financial goals and targets to meet and this could put one in confusion. However, there are times you can ask for a salary review.

When you got a promotion without a salary increase

If you got a promotion that means you are doing a good job and rising up the ranks, your earnings should rise too. Of course, don’t reject the promotion but ask for a pay raise to match up with the responsibilities of your new role.

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You are underpaid

You need to know how much people who perform the same job as you in the same company or industry earn, if you earn significantly less and are doing a great job, you might want to bring it up with your employer. When negotiating, mention how much you have benefitted your company.

You’ve been given additional responsibility

If you have been given additional responsibility, well done, it means your employer trusts you but doesn’t get stuck on titles and forget to get paid for it. You might want to spend a few months performing exceptionally in your new role before asking for a raise.

There is an upcoming performance review

Performance reviews may not always mean you will be getting a salary raise but there is a good chance you will.

There is a gender pay gap

Research how much men are paid compared to women for the same job, if it’s less then you want to discuss that with your employer especially if you are performing quite well. It’s important to note that it’s a crime to be discriminated against because of your gender.

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