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Woman Pleads Guilty Of Having Sex In Car, Causing Traffic Gridlock



A Kenyan woman was fined Ksh20,000 in default and sentenced to serve a six-month jail term for causing a traffic gridlock after she was apprehended having sex with her lover in her car in the middle of Thika Road.

The driver, whose name has been concealed, entered a plea of guilty to the counts of making a disturbance and impeding traffic at Thika Road Mall in Roysambu on January 24, 2023, and was given the punishment by a Makadara Law court.

The court was informed that she was detained by Kasarani Police Station traffic officers who were patrolling the area around the Thika Road Mall. She was discovered in a compromising position with a male in the car at the time of her arrest. Why the two decided to have sex next to a busy road and cause traffic gridlock is still a mystery.

The officers asked the two lovers to relocate to the driveway after interrupting them pleasantly, but the prosecution testified that they were met with animosity.

The accused guy became enraged when the police asked them to leave and started cursing. He even reportedly dared them to fire their weapons.

The officers at Kasarani Police Station quickly reported the drama to their superior. He then dispatched reinforcements, who overcame the two lovers.

The woman requested the court to pardon her, claiming she was sorry and will never repeat the deeds. During her trial, the woman admitted that the facts of the case of her having sex in a car and causing traffic were true.

She was given a K10,000 fine or a six-month jail sentence by the magistrate for each offense. Her appeal period is 14 days.

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