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Controversy Trails Tinubu’s Katsina Rally Promise To ‘Wives Of Widows’



APC prayer in Katsina

Controversy was dogging Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s campaign visit to Katsina, the home state of the outgoing president after the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate vowed to cater for the wives of widows or widowers hit by the conflict in the region.

The campaign rally which took a somber note following the Sunday bandit attack that left scores dead was enveloped by another verbal eruption from the presidential candidate after Tinubu referenced the “wives of the widows or widower.”

Campaign sources said that there were suggestions towards cancelling the rally on account of the massacre but the suggestion was overruled after it was made known that a great number of people were already present for the rally.

However, the turnout of the crowd was remarkably fewer compared to previous campaign rallies of the APC presidential candidate. reports that critics of the ruling party were, however, quick to insinuate that turnout for the rally was affected by the cash crunch which hindered the capacity of the party to mobilise supporters and others for the rally.

However, the notable drop in the crowd was enveloped by Asiwaju Tinubu’s assertion that he would cater for the “wives of the widows or widower.” reports that a widow is a lady who has lost her husband while a widower is one who has lost his wife.

Either way, a widow or a widower is not in a position to have a wife except those who are engaged in lesbian relationships many were quick to point out in reference to the promise by Tinubu. gathered some of the reactions from the development on Monday

PeterObi=Competence+Integrity+Equity @Balatic

You didn’t even hear him well. He said ‘the children of those who’re left as orphans, the wives of the widow or widower…’    How can you be patching up Agbado gaffes when you’re not Oshiomhole or Abike?

Mazi Okeke @okekepolice

Which one is ‘wives of widows & widowers”?

Obidient Virus  @emeka115

I’m even confused, who is the wives of a widow and who is a widow?  

Jaydon | #YorubasForPeterObi @Jaydon225

“The wife of the widow”??? Are the widows lesbians???     

Peter Obi’s Bag @jamesatts

since NBC has fined you for ” unfriendly remarks during ‘What’s trending’ “, will you still make remarks on this GAFFE? I’m watching you on Plasma TV!

Jaydon | #YorubasForPeterObi @Jaydon225

“The wife of the widow”??? Are the widows lesbians???     

Daddy Uche @DaddyUche1

E…timz for PO! @witylizjez

No good expectations from this camp anymore, it only goes downhill…

110 @__adesina

When a man says some of the things that are most important to the people you call it rubbish…lol. While I’m not in support of whatever mediocrity all these politicians are all about, he seems to understand specific people and say things in accordance to what they hold dear.

Vote PO -follow back pls @1st9ja

What is this again? The world is watching how Nigeria is planning to have this man as president.

Ossai Nwodo @Nwodosis

I never knew that widows or widowers have wives.

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