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Reasons Your Spouse May Be Hiding Money From You



Hiding money from spouse

Spouses may be unwilling to share and indeed may be hiding their financial and money details leading to a strained relationship due to the following reasons:

To avoid dispute

If you and your spouse have different financial values or goals and can’t find a way to reconcile, it is likely that every financial discussion ends in a fight. This is probably the reason your spouse avoids talking about money with you.

Poor habits or debt

If your spouse is addicted to gambling or spending and, as a result, has taken a large number of loans or is in a debt trap, it is likely that he or she will not talk to you about money at all. He even might resent or become angry with your constant enquiries about spending and investing.

Inability to manage money properly

A common and mostly unknown reason men do not tell their wives about money is that they feel pressured to handle it even though they are not adept at it.

Under social pressure to provide and plan for the family’s future, they make investing mistakes, losing money in the procedure. This insecurity is often hidden behind a wall of silence.

Bid to retain control

In many marriages, power struggle is often centred on money. If the husband is the sole earner, he retains control over how the money is spent and saved, leaving the woman completely dependent on him.

So before you decide to give up your job after marriage, understand your spouse’s attitude and know that your financial future and independence might depend on this decision.

Not showing interest

If you fail to show any interest in financial matters or refuse to take on any money-related responsibility at the beginning of your marriage, then you may not blame your spouse for not sharing the money details. If he feels you won’t understand or appreciate how he manages money or invests, he will not tell you much about it.

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