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Umo Eno 2023: Harnessing The Great Potentials Of Our Blue Economy

By Ekemini James



Umo Eno in Oron

In this piece, Ekenemi James writes on the potentials of the Blue Economy in Akwa Ibom State in a government headed by the PDP’s governorship candidate, Pastor Umo Eno

According to the World Bank, Blue Economy is concerned with the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and job creation, while steadily preserving the health of ocean ecosystem.

It encompasses economic activities that depend on the sea, often associated with other economic sectors, including tourism, maritime transport, energy and fishing.

As engines of the global economy, with great potential for growth and innovation, it’s ability to create jobs, spur economic growth, mitigate the impacts of climate change and help meet the food needs of a growing population makes it a vital area of interest for the next administration which will prioritize wealth creation through rural development.

With requisite knowledge that the ocean economy is approximately 2.5% of the world gross value and its’ growth will likely outpace that of the global economy in the next 15 years, Pastor Umo Eno as captured in the ARISE Agenda, will make deliberate and concerted efforts to boost human capital development by vigorously investing in the Blue Economy.

Consequently, the Arise Agenda of of Pastor Umo Eno captures the need for the coastal communities in Akwa Ibom State to key into the Blue Economy aspirations of the frontline candidate in order to ensure improved maritime activities in our shore lines.

As a major project in the next administration, the seasoned entrepreneur will explore the blue economy, and harness all opportunities of wealth creation from the variety of natural resources available in the sea.

Having understood that harnessing the potentials of our Blue Economy has a greater capacity to employ our youthful demography, thereby reducing rural-urban drift, while increasing participation in the exchange market at export levels, the technocrat is determined to foster safety and security in our coastlines.

It is for this purpose that the governorship hopeful has overtime reiterated that if elected Governor, his plans to put mechanism in place to check piracy as well as ensure adequate security in our coastlines to enable fishermen enjoy hitch-free commercial activities remains absolute.

From the aforesaid, it remains a valid summation that a vote for Pastor Umo Eno as Governor of Akwa Ibom is a vote for the harnessing and diversification of our Blue Economy.

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