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Outrage Over Unannounced Fumigation At Immunisation center.

Onyinyechukwu Chima



Outrage has followed reports that primary health care officials in Alimosho, Lagos allegedly conducted an unannounced fumigation exercise at a vaccination center while moms and their children were present for their routine immunisations.

The incident reportedly took place at the primary healthcare facility at the Isheri roundabout in Alimosho, Lagos, while mothers with children were there to immunize them.

The viral video has caused outrage among fellow Nigerians towards. reports tweets;

Chase @Chase9a2

That’s a murder case tho? Before the commencement of the fumigation the right authorities has be consulted before the carry out the fumigation processs #Protest. That’s uncalled for and such an act of murder @NCDCUg @NhisNg @The_MRC

Prince Owen😎 @12_swords

This is bullshit…..they should have notify the peeps in there…and it’s not like the peeps can exercise their right cos this land don’t give a shit about rights

flora🌹🌹the explorer @AmGbalid

When you employ illiterate becos you wish to compensate them after using them as thugs to win election into into govt offices, you will have case like this and BRT runnin into train tracks. It is most unfortunate..Lagosians come out in your numbers and vote for GRV.

GXP 💎@GiddyXP

This is why you need to vote out Sanwo-Olu 😂

somebody_anybody @GbanAnybody

@ProfAkinAbayomi any Truth to this news @followlasg

Sugar n spice @Oluchidbright

Ment or malaria?

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