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Five Potential Marriage Partners To Avoid



marriage to avoid

The easiest time to prevent a divorce or an unhappy marriage is before marriage by tracing out those things in a partner you would like to avoid when married.

There is no gainsaying that love can have such an intoxicating effect on the about-to-wed which makes clear danger signals seem inconsequential to them, while hope becomes the only commodity.   Here are potential partners you need to keep away from.

Men who are looking for housemaids, not wives

These are men who still live in the 15th century. They have an archaic idea of what the role of wives is. They believe that women are only meant to cook, clean the house, bear children, and serve the men.

Those who can never trust anybody

These are those who believe that everybody is an enemy with evil intentions. They have an obsession with fear of people, including their spouse that is irritating. Once a spouse cannot be trusted, there can never be joy in the family.

Those who have no respect for others

 People can mouth love, but without respect, a marriage can never be happy. Women who love to prove a point by insulting their husbands, or men who believe in treating their wives like their door mat in the name of cutting their wives to size: such people make terrible marriage partners.

Those who can never say ‘thank you’

Whatever you do for such people cannot be appreciated. Some would say that their gratitude is in their heart. If you want the gratitude, maybe you have to open their heart to get it? Such an attitude causes irritation and frustration and unhappiness.

Those who can never apologise

They would rather die than say to their spouse: “I’m sorry.” When you are wrong, you apologise to them, and when you are right, you still apologise to them, hoping that they would learn and change. But they never do. You start to feel irritated and agitated. The love and respect you felt for them start to wear away and you begin to rue why you did not avoid him or her as a marriage partner.

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