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Outsiders Poisoning Mother-Son Relationship Between NDDC Chairman, Onochie And MD, Ogbuku – Group




Troublemakers and their agents within and outside the Niger Delta have been accused of poisoning the mother-son relationship between Lauretta Onochie and Samuel Ogbuku, respectively, the chairman and managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC.

Comrade Joseph Ambakederimo, Chairman Board of Trustees of Community Development Committees of Niger Delta Oil and Gas Producing Areas. (CDC) in a statement made available to said that the purpose of the troublemakers was to turn the crisis to their own end either through the dissolution of the board or turning one side against the other for their selfish interests.

CDC chairman spoke against the background of allegations levelled against the board of insubordination to the Onochie-led board. The board meanwhile, has been accused of foisting itself into management decisions.

Reacting to the development, Ambakederimo in a statement said that there was really no crisis between the board and management as he said that both sides had shown commitment towards the common purpose of turning the narrative of rot in the commission.

“What is currently playing out in the media space is an over blown narrative sponsored to malign a leadership that has passion for development and are working hard to bring infrastructural development to the region and deepened human capital development of the young people of the region,” Ambakederimo said.

Noting that the agents poisoning the relationship between the NDDC chiefs, Onochie and Ogbuku, had been identified, he said:

“What we have understood happening is a mere modus operandi of how exactly policy issues should be applied and executed for the benefit of the region. We will liken the situation to a group of mountain climbers whose ambition is to get to the very top of a mountain with some wanting to access the top of the mountain by foot while others are opting to get to the top of the same mountain by helicopter.

“The objectives of the two groups are the same, but the means to achieve that objective is what is contentious and not issues of  mismanagement,  misappropriation  or misapplication of resources or who controls the resources as been reported in a section of the media. It will be too premature to now allude these issues to who controls the resources of the commission. This is not true.

“We should not  run to judgement to begin to cast aspersion on innocent people. The Chairman holds the Managing Director to a very high esteem, the Managing Director himself often refers to the Chairman as his mother. There is a Mother-Son relationship that is existing between them, l can say and attest to this fact.  We as stakeholders have intervened and will continue to do so. We have come to understand that there is no crisis as been painted in the media.

“We will not give support to any individual or group the armament  to stampede this board out of office.”

Faulting calls for the dissolution of the present board, Ambakederimo said:
“Those calling for the dissolution of this board do not mean well for the region. We urge them to desist from this path and allow the leadership of the commission to do their work..  fiddling with the idea of sacking this board will be counterproductive and will be a disservice to the overall interest of the region. We I’ll continue to garner support for the leadership of the commission to succeed. We must support these ones to succeed. We cannot allow outsiders to decide our faith in the region we have what it takes to manage ourselves and our resources for the benefit of our people, therefore we urge everyone to lend their support.”

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