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(18+) See The Best Time To Have Sex, New Study Reveals




According to a new study conducted by a UK-based wellness brand Naturecan, couples trying to reignite their sex lives should have sex 30 minutes after they wake up.

Naturecan founded by Andy Duckworth and Paul Finnegan in 2019, is focused on offering safe, effective and premium CBD products along with supplements such as vitamins and minerals.

The researchers, who quizzed 1,000 Brits on their morning sex preferences, found that one in four chose 7.30 am, which was around half an hour after they woke up.

Each participant was asked to log the ‘optimum times when they got the maximum benefits out of a range of activities.

These included the time of day that volunteers, who were aged 18 to 65, burned the most calories from exercise and the time of day they ate to lose the most weight, based on self-reporting over six weeks.

Results showed that 7 am was the most popular time to wake up and 7.30 am was the preferred time for morning sex.

Around 24 per cent of people said 7.30 am, with fewer preferring sex later in the morning. For example, just 11 per cent selected 10.30 am.

‘Morning sex produces endorphins, the magical pain-relieving chemicals in your body that help boost your mood. That’s why you usually feel happier after you’ve climaxed.’

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The findings are part of a ’12-point plan to live a healthy life’, which researchers say sets out the optimum times to do certain activities.

Naturecan recommends waking up at 7 am, after seven to nine hours of sleep.

It then suggests going on a 15-minute run before having sex, followed by breakfast at 7.45 am.

The findings also pinpointed 10 am as the best time for working, 12.45 pm as the optimum time for lunch and 10 pm as the best time for going to bed.

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