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Aisha Buhari Scores Husband 50% On Campaign Promises



Aisha Buhari scores

First Lady Aisha Buhari has scored her husband 50% in the fulfillment of his election campaign promises reaching a middle ground between President Muhammadu Buhari who has scored himself 100% and his critics who say he was a failure.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, the president’s wife said she openly criticised decisions that were “taken for the interest of one person and not for the general public’s interests”.

While noting how some appointees tried to use the president’s name to project their interests to the deteriment of Nigerians, she said:

“So, I told myself we cannot afford that, I just knew my husband needed help,” she added.

“That is why I am here as a First Lady and as a wife. I don’t like people who want to make money to rubbish the image of the family, the hard-earned name of my husband, you know, and then we keep quiet and look at the person.

“So that’s why I normally step in and speak up.”

Aisha, however, said President Buhari fulfilled half of his campaign promises.

She said insecurity has been significantly tackled under the administration of her husband.

On how she scored her husband in the fulfilment of his election promises, Aisha Buhari said:

“Compared to what we met on the ground, he has done wonderfully well. But if one is to compare with the zeal that we came into power, we have achieved 50 percent in all the areas captured in his campaign promises. Especially in the areas of works like road constructions, bridges, you know, infrastructure in general. He has made a lot of difference.”

On security, she scored the president 70 percent, noting that most kidnappings were perpetrated by family members for mischievous purposes.

“I think maybe we scored 70 percent on security. I say so because before now, there were a lot of barricades, a lot of roadblocks, but now there are no more roadblocks, nothing,” Aisha said.

“Even the kidnapping that is happening now is being organised among the family members. It is a deliberate thing, you know. And then the insurgency or the banditry may be organised by some local people, you know. But if there is no connivance, I can say that we have achieved 90 percent on security.”

According to Aisha Buhari, the president “received Nigeria intact, and he is going to hand over Nigeria intact”, at least putting a 100% score in keeping Nigeria physically united.

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