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‘Give Me A Break’ Tobi Amusan Damns Irish Journalist over Doping Question (Video)



Nigerian track sensation, Tobi Amusan, displayed her frustration with a persistent journalist who repeatedly pressed her about doping charges following her remarkable performance in the women’s 100-metre hurdle heats at the World Athletics Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

Having already been cleared of doping allegations and with the provisional suspension lifted before the championship, Amusan showcased her prowess by clocking an impressive time of 12.49 seconds in Heat 5, securing a lead against her competitors.

After her outstanding performance, Amusan expressed her gratitude to her devoted fans for their unwavering support during a media interaction in the mix zone. However, the atmosphere turned tense when a journalist inquired, “Tobi, some fans might be curious about the earlier charges. Could you shed light on the reasons behind them?”

Visibly uncomfortable with the question, Amusan responded, “I’m here to talk about my fans, not charges. What charges?”

Growing more frustrated, Tobi Amusan addressed the persistent journalist, “I won’t be answering your question, Mr. Cathal. You’ve asked the same thing five times now, and I’m not going to address it. It’s absurd!”

Watch video below:

Exasperated by the situation, Amusan added, “When I run fast, they want to talk about my shoes; when I don’t, they want to speculate about other things. Can’t you give me a break?”

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