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Is Mohbad’s Father Trying To Cash Out From Son’s Death Or Really Needs Help? (Video)



A video featuring Mohbad’s father, narrating the condition of his residence after the death of his, has ignited a maelstrom of debates and discussions across social media as to the sincerity of the father.

The video has polarized netizens, prompting some to question the authenticity of the situation and the motivations behind the public plea for assistance.

While some netizens express skepticism, accusing Mohbad’s father of attempting to capitalize on his son’s demise, others are approaching the situation with empathy and a readiness to provide support.

The Cashing Out Allegations: One set of netizens, exemplified by Agbolahan Ademola insinuated that Mohbad’s father might be leveraging his son’s fame for personal gain. This perspective raised provocative questions about the financial dynamics within the family and whether Mohbad’s father is seizing the opportunity to cash in on the tragedy.

The skepticism is further amplified by the sentiments expressed by Mamah_Simi, who suggests that artistes like Mohbad may not always manage their finances prudently, leaving little to inherit after their passing. This viewpoint hints at the possibility that the father might have financial motives behind the public display.

Empathy and Practicality: On the other hand, a contrasting group of netizens, represented by Inweh favour, focused on more practical aspects. They acknowledge that while the house may appear rundown, it doesn’t necessarily imply ulterior motives on the father’s part. Instead, they highlight the need for cleaning and refurbishing the residence as a genuine way to support the family.

laneminder5 brings forth an interesting point by questioning whether assistance is genuinely required or if there is another hidden agenda behind the plea. This perspective raises concerns about transparency and accountability in such situations.

FAVOUR PATRICK argues that the late son built the house for his father, which adds an intriguing layer to the discussion. If true, this could reshape the narrative entirely, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a gift from a departed loved one.

celinaulohoobas goes as far as suggesting that the father might be leveraging his son’s situation to “cash out.” This perspective fuels conspiracy theories, questioning whether Mohbad is truly deceased or if there’s more to the story.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

Agbolahan Ademola: “If he no born Mohbad, he no go work abi?”

Mamah_Simi: “Mohbad is no Wizzy, before the boy pay manager, buy cloth, pay house rent, money don go.”

martsexy: “una get sense so? which one be this na wa o? If you fail as a man or father, anything your children do, take it like that.”

laneminder5: “This is really out of line, need help for justice or what? No one should give this man kobo.”

Inweh favour: “The house is good, na cleaning e need and good furniture biko.”

Candy: “He was still bettering himself, why won’t you let him rest?” beauty: “una dey mad for that place.”

Godness: “Nice house, they just have to clean.” F

AVOUR PATRICK: “His late son built the house for him, why can’t they clean it?”

celinaulohoobas: “The father wants to use his late son to cash out.”

Watch video below:

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