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Woman Gives $2.8m Inheritance To Pets, Cuts Children From Her Will



In a surprising turn of events, a woman in Shanghai, known as Ms. Liu, has made a bold decision regarding her $2.8 million fortune – she’s leaving it all to her pets, effectively excluding her children from her will.

This drastic move comes on the heels of her children’s apparent neglect, failing to visit her during a period of illness.

In a revised will, Ms. Liu has outlined that her substantial estate is to be utilized exclusively for the well-being of her beloved pets and any potential future offspring they might have.

Navigating Chinese law, which prohibits direct monetary bequests to pets, proved to be a challenge for Ms. Liu. Nevertheless, she found an alternative route to ensure her unique wishes would be fulfilled. In a strategic move, the responsibility for managing the inheritance and caring for her cherished animals has been entrusted to a veterinary clinic.

Chen Kai, an official from the Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing, acknowledged the exceptional nature of Ms. Liu’s will. While direct financial gifts to pets are not permitted under Chinese law, Kai highlighted possible solutions. He proposed the appointment of a trusted individual to oversee the veterinary clinic’s handling of the funds, ensuring the proper care of Ms. Liu’s pets.

Officials have emphasized the flexibility in addressing this unconventional testament. Ms. Liu’s ability to alter her will once again remains an option, especially if her children’s attitude towards her experiences a positive shift. This advice opens the door for future adjustments, reflecting the dynamic nature of familial relationships and the potential for reconciliation.

In a world where wills typically revolve around human beneficiaries, Ms. Liu’s choice to prioritize her pets showcases a profound bond and a unique perspective on inheritance. The story not only sheds light on legal intricacies but also prompts reflection on the complexities of family dynamics and the varied ways individuals choose to safeguard their legacies.

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