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Finally, Burna Boy Breaks Silence on Davido -Wizkid Feud



Afrobeat sensation Burna Boy has finally addressed the mounting requests for him to weigh in on the online feud between his colleagues, Davido and Wizkid. In an Instagram Live session, Burna Boy explained his silence, cautioning that his words would only bring tears to many. reports that the feud between Davido and Wizkid began after Wizkid shared a video of Davido crying following his alleged affair with an American model. Davido retaliated with a jab at Wizkid, fueling the online rift. While many eagerly awaited Burna Boy’s input, he chose to remain silent, prompting speculation and curiosity among fans.

Burna Boy clarified his stance, emphasizing the importance of being mindful of what one wishes for. He reiterated his commitment to staying focused on his own path, asserting that he pays no heed to external distractions. By choosing to remain silent, Burna Boy demonstrated his maturity and unwillingness to fuel the fire, prioritizing his own journey and artistry over online drama.

Watch him speaks in the video below;

With this statement, Burna Boy has put the speculation to rest, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his refusal to engage in unnecessary controversy in unnecessarily wading into the beef between his colleagues, Davido and Wizkid.
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