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Cup Na Cup! Dino Melaye Lifts Drinking Cup To Cheer Fellow Arsenal Fans (Video)

Gideon Ayeni



Senator Dino Melaye, a die-hard Arsenal fan, has taken to social media to express his disappointment and humorously cope with the team’s loss of the Premier League title to Manchester City.

In a hilarious video posted on his official Instagram handle, the former senator from Kogi West Senatorial District can be seen in his kitchen, rallying support for his beloved team. With a determined look on his face, he declares, “We must lift something, cup na cup!”

With a comedic flair, Dino Melaye proceeds to lift a red kettle, a pot, and finally, a customized Arsenal drinking cup, shouting “Arsenal” with unbridled passion. The video has since gone viral, providing comic relief to fellow Arsenal fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Despite the team’s disappointing performance, Dino’s lighthearted response has reminded fans that, even in defeat, there’s always room for humor and dedication to one’s team. His video has become a rallying cry for Arsenal supporters, encouraging them to keep their chins up and their sense of humor sharp.

As the football season comes to a close, Dino’s humorous outburst serves as a reminder that, win or lose, the beautiful game has the power to unite and entertain us all.

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