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About To Wed Nigerian Bride Killed By Metro Bus In US



'Soon to be Nigerian Bride' killed by metro bus in the U.S.

A Nigerian lady identified as Damilola Matuluko, who did her introduction in preparation for marriage, last Thursday, has died after she was hit by a metro bus in Downtown Houston , U.S. on May 31 .

According to ABC News, the tragic incident happened near Rusk and Smith before 7:40 a.m. and was the bus driver’s fault.  According to the METRO Police Department, Damilola who was a city worker, was in the crosswalk at the intersection and had the right of way when the accident happened.  Investigations showed that the light turned green, and the bus turned onto Rusk, fatally hitting the deceased.

METRO said the bus was operated by First Transit. Police said the contract driver was cooperating with investigators. There were reportedly two passengers on the bus, but no other injuries were reported.

Officials identified the victim as Damilola Matuluko, who had worked for the city’s HR Operations Employee Relations team since 2023. “Although Damilola had only been with the HR Department for a short time, she had become a beloved and impactful team member. She will be sincerely missed by her colleagues in the City of Houston,” COH HR Director Jane Cheeks said in a statement.

See tribute messages pouring in from family and friends:


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I still spoke to her on Thursday night and she replied messages on our family group chat up until 8.01 am yesterday. Right outside her work. Death is so rudeeeeee.”

@TheNickiFey said,

Damilola Matuluko? Dharmey Mat? I’m lost for words… It’s how you always had a kind word, always checked in whenever you saw I was online, always so lively, so friendly. This is such a rude shock. My goodness…how?

“You were a light. You loved God and loved people. The memories of those 4 years with you at RUN keep replaying in my head. I can’t believe this. I’m soo sorry this happened to you, Dharmey… this is extremely painful.

“Your memory is blessed, baby girl. May your sweet soul rest in peace. Praying for your family…”

mizz_glodiva said, “I went to their house and damnn her mum and dad. May God comfort them, and her introduction was this Thursday o death why!!!?”

kim_nukam said, “Damilola! She was our headgirl back then in hbc. She is such a sweet lady and always happy. There was never a time when she wasn’t smiling

“She always had it plastered on her well rounded beautiful face. I chose to use ‘IS’ not ‘WAS’ cause you remain alive in our hearts This is so sad!! pray God in his infinite mercy gives the Matuluko family strength, abundant strength to bear this terrible loss.Rest easy Damilola. #foreverinourhearts.”

sholayode said, “Can you see a country that has law, in this report investigation shows that the bus driver is at fault.. if its our country na different story they will tell us.”

leem_ssss said, Even when you have right of way ehn you never know if it’s a r@cist beh1nd the wheel. I was once hit by an SUV and he did deliberately cos when I turned to look at him he had this sm1rk on his face. Luckily it only spr@ined my thigh.”

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