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Top Nollywood Actress Debates Critics Over Skin Bleaching (Video)



Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal responded to fans who advised her to stop bleaching her skin, expressing worries that she might one day become transparent.

The actress had posted a captivating video on her page, showcasing her “skin like milk” to her audience of over three million followers.

While numerous fans admired her beauty, some voiced concerns about the rapid bleaching of her skin and the potential complications it might bring in the future.

One worried fan commented, “Hanty, you’re fading; you’re becoming transparent.”

In reply, Moyo Lawal humorously stated that her goal was indeed to become transparent and that she intended to use this to her benefit.

“so I can become a ghost now 😒appearing and disappearing,” she responded.

Another user said, “Please next time try dey put Viewers discretion 😂.”

Another wrote, “You bleach too much try reduce this your bleaching cream you don turn Micheal Jackson finish.”

However, some supporters defended the actress, highlighting that the negative comments could have adverse effects on her mental health and potentially lead to depression.

“When she falls into depression just know that you🫵 are among for your b@d comments. So someone can’t breathe again?!” a fan wrote.

Another added, “why do you always think everyone d are fair in complexion bleach der skin , is it that you’re pained that God does give you such fair nd beautiful skin .? Or what.?”

Watch the video below:

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