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Davido: Storm Over Chioma’s Qualities As Wife Material After Israel DMW’s Showers



Israel DMW, logistics manager to singer Davido, has sparked a heated debate on social media with his recent praise for Chioma, Davido’s wife-to-be. With their wedding just a week away, Israel took to Instagram to extol Chioma’s virtues, stating that she deserves to have the entire city of Lagos shut down in her honor.

He commended her good character, emphasizing that beauty alone cannot sustain a marriage. Israel credited Chioma as a vital reason for Davido’s success and happiness.

However, some social media users have slammed Israel’s comments, pointing out that his definition of a good wife seems to be one who tolerates her husband’s cheating habits as many pointed to Davido and his past indiscretions.

This criticism comes in light of Davido’s numerous infidelity allegations, including a recent scandal with US model Bonita Maria, who shared intimate photos and videos of the singer just before Chioma’s 29th birthday. Despite this, Chioma publicly supported Davido at his Madison Square Garden performance.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

Samaria Bub: She is quiet, we agree. But Naija men definition of a good woman is —–

Doctor Amirah :The more punches you can take, the more you’re seen as a good wife by some Nigerians. All the best to Chioma btw

MB Pweedy: How is she a good woman? Una definition of good woman dey always burst my head

Pweety Ann: Definition of good women to Nigerian men na suffer head (endurance). Mtchewwwwww

Bekee Baby: Nigerian men and their definition of good women. Mtchewwwwww

Natasha Blessing Rasaq: She is a good woman because she keeps accepting your Oga cheating. Na that one be una definition of a good woman as she no dey complain, even if ur Oga dey share him gbola

Last year, while the couple was mourning the loss of their son, several women came forward with claims of sexual encounters with Davido. These allegations led to accusations that Chioma was a “walking doormat” for tolerating Davido’s behavior. The controversy has raised questions about the dynamics of their relationship and the expectations placed on women in the public eye.

As the wedding approaches, the debate surrounding Israel’s praise for Chioma underline the complex issues of relationships, infidelity, and gender roles. While some see Chioma as a symbol of strength and resilience, others view her as an example of women’s tolerance for cheating in relationships.
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