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Sabinus Launches Sabicoin Digital Currency Amid Cautions After $Davido Fiasco



Vibrator sabinus

Popular content creator, Sabinus, has ventured into the world of digital currency with the launch of Sabicoin, his first cryptocurrency. This move comes just weeks after Afrobeat sensation, Davido Adeleke, introduced his token, $Davido, which sparked controversy due to losses incurred by some fans.

Sabinus took to the X platform to announce the inspiration behind Sabicoin, citing his investor instincts and the widespread use of his viral memes on social media. “Sabicoin is a digital currency inspired by the Investor himself, Sabinus, and the popular use of his memes on several social media platforms,” he wrote.

However, the launch has been met with caution from fans, who are still reeling from the losses they suffered with $Davido coin. Many have expressed concerns about investing in another celebrity-backed digital currency, highlighting the need for careful consideration and thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Reactions as Sabinus launches digital coin

_ifycalex : “Hope you won’t rug pull on us like the other celebrity. You will withdraw your liquidity and run.”

iamfizzle123 : “If you like invest come online con dey rant say sabinus no good.”

CaptEnai : “It is a worthless coin. Worthless coin that will only benefit Sabinus and the creators.”

Godwin_Dgenius : “Guy, you just okay ball finish donate money and after people clap for you, you wan come use us recover. Sabi Nwa no be so now.

dahnnysparrow : “All influencers getting into the crypto space is the start of a bull run, HODL your coins 🪙.”

kwesiijr : “We never recover from that ripper own o.”

As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Sabicoin will fare in the market. Sabinus’s move into cryptocurrency has sparked both interest and trepidation, and only time will tell if his venture will yield success or follow in the footsteps of $Davido coin’s controversy.
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