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Anita Okoye Wins Praises For Celebrating Ex-Husband Paul Okoye On Father’s Day



Paul Okoye unmarried

Anita Okoye, the ex-wife of music star Paul Okoye, took to social media to celebrate him on Father’s Day. Despite their divorce in 2022, Anita shared a sweet video of Paul teaching their first son how to do press-ups, captioning it with a simple yet heartfelt “Happy Father’s Day”.

Paul Okoye, who has since moved on and married model Ivy Ifeoma, reposted Anita’s Father’s Day wishes on his Instagram story, earning praise from fans and followers for their ability to maintain a civil and loving relationship for the sake of their children.

The former couple’s divorce in 2022 was a highly publicized one, with Anita citing cheating, abandonment, and fraud as grounds for the split. Despite the challenges they faced, they have continued to prioritize their roles as parents and have been spotted together on several occasions, including their first child’s birthday celebration and Mother’s Day.

Anita’s gesture has been hailed as a testament to her maturity and commitment to co-parenting, and fans have taken to social media to commend her for her kindness and generosity of spirit.

Read some netizens reactions below;

Throwback Naija TV: For their children, I love how the two are handling it

@Engr Jackson: Two matured divorcees with no drama

@Chibuogwu J: Even if he was not a good husband, this is proof that he’s a good dad. May God also bless Anita for being a cool mother

@Kelvin Kertz: Thanks for showing that couples can dissolve marriage and still be cool

@Rosy Throne: An unproblematic lady and a good dad. I love how matured they are

@Ocfreeman: The best award-winning divorce

@Ego Oyinbo: You can tell he’s a good dad

@Thi Cknana: They are divorced not enemies

@Isioma Yocambel: He does his fatherly duties. That’s a good man right there. Nothing wey anybody fit tell me

@Azalia Anaya: You can see how he has his family together but sad people on social media will be fighting on their behalf”.

The Okoye family’s ability to maintain a positive and loving relationship despite their differences is an inspiration to many, and a reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and respect can prevail.
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