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EndSARS: Obidient Lady Releases List Of Detained Protesters, Debunks Claim Of Igbo Dominance




In a move aimed at setting the record straight, Mercy Egbai, a dedicated supporter of Peter Obi, has published a list of 31 EndSARS protesters still incarcerated since 2020.

Her bold action comes in response to the narrative that the movement was largely an “Igbo protest,” perpetuated by some members of the Yoruba community.

Contrary to expectations, the list reveals a diverse range of names, debunking the ethnic narrative surrounding the protests. By sharing this information, Mercy Egbai seeks to correct the false narrative and highlight the inclusive nature of the EndSARS movement.

See her post below;

The list is a reminder of the ongoing struggles of those who dared to demand a better Nigeria. While Mercy Egbai’s intention may not be to advocate for their release, her actions have reignited the conversation around the detained protesters and the lingering issues that sparked the movement. As the list continues to circulate, it’s essential to remember the faces and names behind the cause, and to strive for a more inclusive and accurate understanding of the EndSARS movement. reports that Senator Shehu Sani had at a dinner to honour some heroes of democracy challenged President Bola Tinubu to release all the EndSARS protesters still being held in detention saying that they learnt protests from him.
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