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Popular Actress Gets Nasty As Fans Ask Of Her Husband On Father’s Day



Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert recently found herself in a heated exchange with fans on social media after they inquired about the whereabouts of her son’s father. The actress, known for sharing adorable videos of herself and her son Clifford, was taken aback by the questions and responded with a fierce defense.

When a fan asked, “Where is your husband, woman?” Queeneth Hilbert retorted, “Check with your mother, he’s right there chilling.” Another fan questioned why she didn’t celebrate the father of her son on Father’s Day, to which she replied, “Aren’t you a man? At your age, aren’t you a responsible father, or are you among the earthworms? Go get busy, man, I’m celebrating with my family.”

The exchange continued with another fan asking, “Celebrate who gave you this boy, be good for once.” Queeneth shot back, “Celebrate yourself, hun, you aren’t a non-living thing.”

While Queeneth’s responses may have been seen as harsh, it’s understandable that she would want to protect her personal life and family from scrutiny. The actress has every right to keep her son’s father’s whereabouts private, and fans should respect her boundaries.

However, so long as she remains in the public eye, Queeneth Hilbert will be on the spot as concerning her husband or father of her child.
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