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Obidients Find Voice As Tinubu’s Supporters Mock After Obasanjo’s Visit



Obasanjo Oluremi Tinubu

Obidients as supporters of Peter Obi are called were on Tuesday morning beginning to respond after the most high profile supporter of their principal, President Olusegun Obasanjo was pictured with First Lady Remi Tinubu. reports that the meeting came after Obasanjo was pictured with a cap bearing an insignia of the Bola Tinubu camp.

To rub the wound into the perceived injury of the Obidients, reports that supporters of Tinubu had bombarded social media with the pictures of Obasanjo and Mrs Tinubu portraying what they claimed as a political rapprochement between the only two presidents to have come out from the Southwest since 1999.

One of Tinubu’s most prolific social media activists, identified as Pastor Okezie had while rubbing the wound of the Obidients posted thus:

His post brought a response from the camp of Obidients who had been largely mum on the development. gathered some of the reactions:

Chris Kay 🥶@JChristuan

I thought pastor was his name not profession

NewsTrack Nigeria @NewstrackNGR

We don’t really know what means. But he doesn’t speak like one.

BigStar @Forreal099

God didn’t call the werey ooo. No Dey call am pastor

On God @Vkonboy

What where u expecting from a foolish batstard

Awesome Obinna @AwesomeObinna

Great comprehension but the idiot won’t grasp.

@cryptoking7447 said, “Can you talk like a pastor. Pls don’t bring shame to the Christian faith. Who ordained you?”

@henrynnamdi8 “You called yourself a pastor and you are validating stealing, lies deceit.i wonder the kind of God you serve. Anywhere belle face.

@ovaccoma said, “Yeah it’s getting clearer that you are a so fake and nothing short of a hired propagandist.”

 @Natalia42b1 asked, “Are you a pastor or a politician?”

 @UchexSunny51 said, “Pastor seeking for attentions no worry them go band u and your church soon

@chikigbokwe said, “To prefix pastor to your name is a huge disgrace. For clowns like you to claim to preach the word of God is blasphemous. Decide to be a pastor or a politician and stop deceiving yourself by trying to walk same time in the narrow and broad way! Shame!”

@mr_sopuruchi said, “Obident are not talking politics but good governance, and that is one thing u careless about.”

@teeja said, “The result frm today’s Blind BATimuses WhatsApp meeting, and the only pics shared was when Baba was standing at the door with madam, without showing us if he actually entered the house to see if our main baba has taken over dose or he still dey dobale 4 Nigeria.”

 @Realistmode02 said, “OBj is a statesman and can be seen anywhere but will still speak his mind @Onsogbu it’s evident you know nothing.”

@King said, “Anybody can take pictures with any one it doesn’t mean that they are with you or like you so learn emotional intelligence for once, no forget say na una APC dey call baba Igbo man simply because he stood with Peter Obi na wa for APC.” reports that one BATIST as supporters of Bola Ahmed Tinubu are named fired back at the venom with which the Obidients hit back at Pastor Okezie

Austino @austinotino

The thing really pain you and your headless Obidiots.

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