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Tinubu Visit: Prominent Lawyer Under Fire After Derogatory Insults On Obasanjo



Omirhobo reacts to Obasanjo's visit to Oluremi Tinubu

A prominent Human Rights Lawyer, Malcom Omirhobo, has come under fire for tagging President Olusegun Obasanjo with derogatory names following the visit to First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu on Monday.

Omirhobo who reacted via his Official X handle on Tuesday, posted a picture of Obasanjo along with the caption, “Obasanjo is a chameleon. A political prostitute and jobber.”

Nigerians quickly took to the comment section to express their displeasure with the human right lawyer’s derogatory statement against Obasanjo.

See Omirhobo’s tweet below 👇

An X user identified as @JussyPablo took Omirhobo via memory Lane, where he posted during the 2023 Presidential election, “This is you less than a year ago: ‘To the Nigerian youth’s. I urge you to accept Chief Obasanjos endorsement of Peter Ooi as next President of Nigeria because what an elder like Chief Obasanjo can see sitting down on a chair you cannot see while on top of an Iroko tree'”.

See some reations gathered by

@royal69399 said, “This not not good, Obasanjo is a household name, an elder stateman and man of democracy…i won’t go this lane with you please.”

@VivaDido said, “Sir you’re bigger than this. I never expected this from you at all.”

@NKforLOVE said, “I don’t think this is necessary, you don’t praise someone when they are with you and curse them when they are not. Please take down this tweet is uncalled for, it’s better we learn how to respect people choice even when it doesn’t please us. No need for the name calling.”

 @Donlalex said, “I think is a strategic move to protect his interest. Obi is forming some alliance with Atiku (a perceived political beef of OBJ), and OBJ runs to his Kingsman (CinC). Just let the Obi/Atiku bond be positive they’re good to go.”

 @ChiduObodo asked, “Because of a mere visit? Don’t you think it’s too early to conclude?”

@peterobi snapped, “Don’t insult Obasanjo he knows what is he doing, I swear, he plays better, you think he is not with OBI, he is full time with OBI.”

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