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Backlash As Influencer Saida Boj Issues Mock Apology Over N20m Weekly S3x (Video)

By Benjamin Abioye



Saida Boj apology

Popular influencer Saida Boj has issued a public apology to Nigerians after facing backlash for controversial comments made during a podcast.

Saida Boj gained widespread attention following her appearance on “The Honest Bunch” podcast, hosted by Nedu Wazobia. During the episode, she made a contentious statement, claiming she would only engage in sexual relations with a man who could provide her N20 million weekly.

This remark sparked significant criticism from both online users and celebrities, prompting a swift response from Saida.

In a recent development, Saida Boj admitted that her statements on the podcast were inappropriate and issued an apology. She explained that she did not intend to mention N20 million, but, overwhelmed by the cameras, accidentally cited the wrong figure instead of N19.8 million.

However, what was meant to be an apology seemed more like a mockery. As she tried to counter her previous assertions, she only reinforced them.

At the beginning of the video, she appeared serious, but soon her tone shifted, and her insincere apology became evident.

This response has garnered mixed reactions. Some people laughed it off as typical behavior from her, while others viewed it as damaging to her reputation. Some even warned her that such remarks could have long-term consequences, potentially harming her future.

Saida humorously broke into tears, expressing concern that her viral comments might have jeopardized her future prospects of getting married.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:
val_loveday: Believe Saidaboj at your own Risk 😂😂

emmyhilton_: Saida ooh make I go hustle 😂

itz_maeriane: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I knew this was going to happen

iam_ilamosi_: 😂😂😂😂 I thought she meant it

cashlord007: Them need collect your phone make you go learn hand work!Or make Government Ban You 🤕

chimezobi: Continue dey zuzu as time goes on you will see the consequences of that podcast

victorvyrex: Mtttttthheeeeewwww. Lowkey hook up girl come out and say it yourself

calvary_travel_and_tour_: We accept your apology no problem but remember years ahead. We look forward to see the type of guy u will marry. I hope u are going for usa president or France president. If not we will launch u serious

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