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How Nigerian Woman Discovered She and Her Husband Were Siblings After Two Children




A Nigerian woman named Omolara Arike shared her extraordinary story of discovering that she and her husband are biological siblings after 16 years of marriage.

She made this known while responding to a video of a man who almost asked a lady out, only to find out she was his cousin.

Omolara revealed that she and her husband met in Lagos, started a relationship, and had four children together. It wasn’t until they visited their village after their second child that they discovered their kinship. Despite this unexpected twist, Omolara emphasized that they moved on and their relationship remains strong.

“My marriage is 16 years now. We met in Lagos, did everything in Lagos, and it was after I had my second baby that we decided to travel to the village. That was when we discovered we are brother and sister. But life goes on…” Omolara shared.

She further stated, “He (the man in the video) shouldn’t be discouraged. Same thing happened to me, and I’ve had four kids with my husband. We share the same ‘oriki’ (a Yoruba term for a family’s ancestral name or slogan).”

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Omolara’s revelation has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some people expressing shock and others offering support and understanding.
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