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New Debate Over New Presidential Air Fleet As Tinubu Travels With Chartered Aircraft



Tinubu arrives South Africa in leased Falcon 8X aircraft

A debate has emerged after findings revealed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu hired Dassault Falcon 8X aircraft to fly to South Africa for the second term inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa, due to reliability issues of the current presidential air fleet. earlier reported that President  Tinubu on Tuesday at 11.06 a.m. was transported from Lagos to Pretoria, Gauteng in South Africa in a Dassault Falcon 8X aircraft with registration number 9H-GRC.

According to an X user, @kc_journalist on X, President Tinubu “actually leased the Dassault Falcon 8X aircraft, due to reliability issues of the current presidential air fleet.”

He added, “The Falcon 8X aircraft with registration number 9H-GRC joined 5N-FGZ and 5N-FGW (Both owned by the FG) today on a trip to South Africa for the inauguration of President Ramaphosa.

“The 🇳🇬 president’s 19-year-old Boeing 737 is undergoing maintenance,  and the 23-year-old Gulfstream GV is unserviceable. The vice president’s 13-year-old Gulfstream G550 and the 12-year-old  Challenger CL605 are both serviceable. Only one of the two Falcon 7Xs is operational.

“PS: First photo is the Dassault Falcon 8X aircraft which Tinubu previously used.”

@kc_journalist’s discoveries quickly sparked reactions, while some netizens saw the leasing of aircraft by Tinubu as an embarrassment that requires a new aircraft befitting for the president, others snapped, insisting that rather than resorting to excessive spending, the faulty aircraft in the presidential air fleet should be repaired and properly maintained.

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Emmanuel K Ocheme asked, “Why can’t they sell all this unserviceable jet and use the funds to get another one?

@kc journalist replied, “They actually considered doing this, but I don’t think they’ve gotten a buyer yet.”

Emmanuel K Ocheme followed up, “They should put more effort in that direction cos the uproar buying a new jet would generate will be massive and in all honesty you can’t blame them.”

@Lord Tala deferred, “Nigerians need to understand National Pride AND National Security at the right times! It is extremely important at this juncture to have emergency approval of funds for the configuration and purchase of a fitting Global Business Jet from @Boeing which can be used by President.

“Infact, MrSpeaker, @Speaker_Abbas, @Keyamo, @NGRPresident @NgSenate @nsia_nigeria @FinMinNigeria…kindly expedite action in getting this new BoeingBusinessJet on ground for our President as soon as possible! Enough misplaced nonsenses please! We saw what happened in Malawi!”

 @Subsaharxn opined, “I firmly believe that these aircraft routinely undergo PMDs and a 13-year old aircraft or a 23-year-old aircraft is not old, as long as they are properly maintained. I stand by the fact that they are good to go, and it’s important to stop supporting politicians who are trying to rip us.”

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@IdrisOdejayi said, “Dis tin na game for dem to buy the new jet… Am sorry but am not buying this story of bad aircraft.”

@euohanu suggested, “All the aircraft should be taken back to their manufacturers for retrofiting. Nig is super broke now to buy new aircrafts. The citizens are hungry.”

 @Nurdincantoma said, “Tinubu challenged citizens to have a change of mindset about Nigeria if the nation is to overcome its current challenges. We are also challenging him change his mind and go for this affordable $4m Honda jet.”

@mubeedee said, “Lol…. Better die that narrative.. Even Donald Trump’s B747 is 33 years old.”

@ekenekingsleys, “This is quite embarrassing; a new jet should be gotten for the president.”

 @lordsonuptown said, “You see all this ppl supporting Apc govt r real definition of werey people. They defend anything their payment said to them. 

“Kenya and some other countries use charter plane to move their president around for both local and international trips. Nig with bigmanism nah 5&6 meanwhile.”

@enape27 said, “I thought he has personal jet(s). As the number 1 man, he should also make sacrifice for the country. The country is bleeding and after that insensitive VP house they just completed, this will make it worse.”

@Justedes said, “The should just approve emergency funds to get a new Presidential jet. This is quite embarrassing and risky.”

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