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Nigerian Man Living In Italy Reveals Why He Sent His Children Back Home (Video)

By Benjamin Abioye



Nigerian man in Italy his children back

A Nigerian man living in Italy has gained significant attention for his decision to send his children back to Nigeria to experience life in their home country.

In an online video, the man explained his reasons. He said that growing up in Europe may not provide his children with a comprehensive understanding of their Nigerian heritage. By experiencing the challenges of life in Nigeria, he hopes they will maintain a connection to their roots, as he does during his visits.

Although the man’s name was not disclosed, he revealed that his children, despite being born in Europe, have been attending school in Nigeria for the past three years.

He clarified that this decision was not due to a lack of quality schools in Italy. While he acknowledged that many schools in Nigeria are subpar, he noted that there are good schools available for those who can afford them.

In an interview, the man recognized the presence of excellent schools in Italy. However, he emphasized that raising his children in Nigeria provides him with peace of mind regarding the parental control he wishes to maintain.

He pointed out that children raised in Europe might sometimes challenge their parents’ authority, even involving law enforcement in family matters. He wants his children to understand and respect Nigerian cultural dynamics between parents and children.

The man is committed to keeping his children in Nigeria until they complete their university education, arguing that this experience will shape their perspectives in ways that living abroad cannot.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:
@tinaa_moe: Let him be giving you guys zobo
Education is expensive over there ,that’s why he sent them back to Nigeria

@Shile_matrix: I was expecting he will say he sent them home so they can learn our language cultures and traditions but sending them home so they can feel what you felt is not a good idea

@porschewillie: He don dey see him male son wear short shirt 😂😂

@iamcollinsopara: “They’ll know the hardship that comes with being a Nigerian”

@kwesiijr: He has a point tho. Man doesn’t want to raise weaklings

@RollandOtokpa: You are a real father, kudos

@iammrtaiwo_: A Father and more

@edet_godssword: His reasons are valid.

@atortor6924: A child who wants to be good would be good .

@BLACKHEX5555: Nice one….make their mind dey …🤗….this man isnt lying

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