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American Argues West Africans Are Living Better After Visit (Video)



American man says Africans are living better

An American man who visited West Africa has argued that it is better to be rich in Africa than in Western countries where many Africans are fleeing to, for greener pastures.

Giving reasons for his position via a video he posted on his Instagram handle, he said, “People in West Africa are starting to live better than people in the Western world. 

“Now I’m not talking about everybody, but I’m talking about if you’re well-to-do, if you’re doing pretty good in your life, it’s better to be doing really well in Africa than it is to be in America.

“Now, I’m currently in America and it’s like a little bit of a culture shock coming back from Africa because when you come here, you’re around people who own paper, they’re very successful, rich and all that. But all these people are drowning in debt. They got a nice car, but they don’t own it.

Explaining further, he said, “They’ve got a lease on it. They may say that they own a house, but they kind of do, but they have a huge mortgage on it. But in Africa, people own everything outright.

” And what does this lead to like in day-to-day life? Well, when you know someone who’s well-to-do in Africa, they’re a lot more relaxed. They feel like they can go on trips with you. They’re a lot more generous. People here, even though they may have a lot of money on paper in America.

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He noted that the second they stop hustling, “those bills will catch up on them really quick.”

The American man further maintained that with his observation, he feels Africa will become the future.

“And it shows like kind of why I feel West Africa is the future because peer people are putting up an appearance of being rich, well-to-do, but it’s fueled by debt and it’s fueled by them working two jobs, your husband and wife are both working high paying jobs, 50 hours a week each and doing all of that to just create this facade. Where is it? West Africa.”

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