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Beauty Contest In Space? Nigerians Attack Murray-Bruce And The Space Trip From A Hungry Nation



Murray-Bruce nominates himself to go to space

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has nominated himself to be the first Nigerian to go to space after the government signed an MOU with an American company to facilitate space travel by Nigerians.

Murray-Bruce who made his intention known via his X handle ‘@benmurraybruce’, 

He wrote:

“Congratulations to the Nigerian government for signing the groundbreaking MoU with the USA’s SERA on human space flight missions.

“This is a monumental step towards advancing our technology and infrastructure. I am nominating myself, Ben Murray-Bruce, to be the first Nigerian in space.” earlier reported that the Nigerian government and the Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) in the United States had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on human space flight missions aimed at fostering the development of critical technologies and infrastructure.

The agreement which was signed in Abuja on Wednesday between Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and SERA, will also see a Nigerian land in space for the first time.

Unfortunately, Murray-Bruce’s intention met with knocks and Backlashes from Nigerians who took to their X handles to react.

See some reactions captured by

chijioke, Ph.D., Nuclear Engir reacted, “87 million Nigerians are living below the poverty line.”

 @bensonpaul12 said, “We’ve not been able to feed ourselves, have steady light, access to good health care, education, etc., but you’re already thinking of being the first Nigerian to be in space? Wow!”

@ralphyenny1 said, “@benmurraybruce I want to join you in the space travel if you would sponsor my trip there for real. Make me popular all over the world Senator Ben plzz.”

 @JAkukuata said, “The last time I checked, Nigeria has launched two satellites at two different times and the whereabouts of those satellites are not known at least till today. I pray you don’t get lost like the other two satellites.”

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 @creatu questioned, “Sir, what was yout course of study? Do you have and tech background? Or you want to go there to organise beauty pageant?”

@UmorEbogid99 said, “Europeans have a way of tickling the fancy of black Africans with such news which Bruce has characterized as a “monumental step towards advancing our technology…” as if Nigeria will build the shuttle which Musk has in his kitty and Yuri Gagarin has been there since April 1961.”

 @djmcsan… recalled, “You advocated banning of foreign trip to save the economy. Of what immediate economic value is this space trip to Nigeria?”

@Oluw snapped, “Nominating yourself indeed, this speaks volumes. Why won’t you nominate yourself? Kai, ika organisation. You can nominate yourself to bring foods to the over 150m Nigerians dying of hunger now, 2k perper not enough 4 family of 5 to prepare dinner, what a shame.”

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