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Kudos, Knocks, As Former Presidential Aide Advises Nigerians To Grow Tomatoes In Sacks



Okupe says Nigerians should grow tomatoes in sacks

Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has advised Nigerians to start using sacks to grow tomatoes at home following the escalating cost of the commodity.

He added that using sacks to grow tomatoes at home is easy and inexpensive. 

Okupe who dished this advise via his  X handle wrote, “A medium-sized basket of tomatoes(containing between 60 to 80 fruits) cost about N45k in the market today. Use sacks to grow Tomatoes at home, easy and inexpensive.”

See screenshot of post below 👇

However, Okupe’s advice met with both kudos and knocks, from members of the online community. See some reactions below:

tbellz07 said, “What he said may sound silly but when I was serving in Enugu state during NYSC, the house i rented was owned by a then ASP and it had a big compound. Behind the house, tomatoes, pepper, ugwu leaves etc were being grown and everyone living in the compound had access to it. 

“That was when I fell in love with ugwu vegetables because I was cutting it free from the compound. In fact, it was almost like I owned 80% of the pepper by birthright because igbos don’t eat much pepper. I was the one using most of the pepper. I hardly spent money on these things throughout my service. year. 

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“His idea isn’t bad, only that most houses don’t have generous landlords who would do it and give unfettered access to tenants and most houses may not have the space.. In fact, if it is done by as many people as possible, it will even crash the prices significantly

olivia_davids said, “I want to cook stew(plants tomatoes and wait for months) Laishe nara smith.”

naija.bakers said, “I am yet to see their own farms and gardens and their children as farmers.”

obarotv questioned, “How many pot of stews will the one you grow cook before you have to wait months for another to grow? Do people have the space, take Lagos as an example? 

“How about the soil, or you think sand on the road will grow it? How about fertilizer? Govt allowed insecure to thrive, is that our fault? Why didn’t you preach this before 2009 when Naija didn’t have insecurity?”

therealjoy99 asked, “How do you grow toma- toes in a compound that’s not yours? Are this people not going mad like this.”

thegeniusdr reacted,  “We should grow toma- toes, then grow rice, beans, and rare cow and goat for protein. After that, we should also build one small refinery at our backyard for fuel…this man lost his senses together with his weight.”

wedonblow_tv said, “Reno say make we buy hen Now sack tomatoes.”

justphabulous said, “We grow tomatoes, yam,rice, rear chicken…rear goats… Open bakery..grow the wheat…and still hold down a job..all because we have thieves in high places. Koni da fun yin.”

sokopiss asked, “For inside landlord compound? Or where?”

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