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Ndigbo Resort To ‘Ofe Akwu Stew’ As Price Of Tomato Skyrockets (Video)

By Emily Ogah



Igbos revive ofe akwu stew amid scarcity of tomatoes

Amid the scarcity of tomatoes in Nigeria, many Igbos from the Southeast have resorted to a local delicacy, ‘Ofe Akwu Stew’ as a substitute for the regular Tomato stew.

An Igbo man, Uchenna Odu, identified as @Maziechidiime on X wrote, “On behalf of all the Igbos home and abroad, since the cost of tomatoes has refused to go down, we will activate our traditional stew “Ofe akwu” fully. 

“A bag of rice can still remain 75k Enweghi nsogbu.”

Ofe akwu is a palm nut stew that is native to the southeastern (Igbo tribe) and Niger Delta areas of Nigeria.  It’s common to see Ofe Akwu served as a sauce for boiled rice or yam, but you can also enjoy it with boiled plantain and a lot more. 

It is known as Nigerian Banga soup in the Niger Delta and commonly eaten with various fufu recipes: starch, pounded yam, semolina, garri, and cassava fufu. In the South-Eastern parts of Nigeria, banga soup is referred to as Ofe Akwu; Ofe means soup/stew and akwu means palm fruit.

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According to an Igbo chef recipe, major Ingredients used in preparing this delicious meal include:

1) Palm nuts (akwu)

2) Goat meat (EWU)

3) Dry fish and stock fish

4) Scents leaf 🌿

5) Crayfish

6) Pepper

7) Onions

8) Ogiri igbo

9) Knorr cubes and salt.

A video which accompanied Odu’s post, gives detailed directions on how to prepare ofe akwu stew’.

Watch the video below 👇

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