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Edo: Female Critic Apologises As Nigerians Defend Olumide Akpata’s Record At NBA



Effiong clarifies claim discrediting Akpata

Ahead of the Edo State governorship election slated for September 21, 2024, a prominent Human Rights Lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, has challenged a claim seeking to discredit the Labour party candidate, Olumide Akpata.

The claim made by Florence Chabba, identified as @Chabba on X, pointed out that the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), under Akpata’s leadership never spoke up for the human right lawyer who was detained wrongfully.

Chubba wrote, “NBA, under the leadership of Olumide Akpata, were fighting for souvenirs and never spoke up for Inibehe Effiong (who was detained wrongfully).”

Taking to his Official X handle to clarify the post, Effiong wrote, “This is not accurate, please.

“Olumide Akpata went to great lengths to defend and protect me, despite the insults he received from envious and malicious lawyers, politicians and individuals from Akwa Ibom State.

“Akpata sent his Vice to visit me in custody, and also took my case to the National Executive Committee of the NBA. He also appointed representatives of the NBA to join my legal team.”

He added, “I don’t know what’s going on in Edo State, but the Akpata that led the NBA displayed courage and integrity. He’s one of the best Presidents that the NBA has produced. 

“He challenged very powerful forces in the legal profession and did not spare a moment to hold the rotten Buhari junta accountable. If it is about leadership, Akpata is excellent.”

Others who sided with the lawyer quickly commented on the matter. See some comments gathered by

@chineduokolie said, “She hv deleted the post immediately… Nonsense people everywhere trying to tarnish ppl image.”

 @paul_nwab wrote, “Even if he loses the Edo governorship election, Olumide Akpata’s place in contemporary Nigerian history is already assured.

“He was a consequential NBA president, a brave, thoughtful leader who spoke truth to power. As a man and an employer, he lives true to his principles.”

 @Dr_Tennyson said, “I’m tired of Nigerians we are terrible people… Someone just unprovoked decided to engage in a smear campaign against another person who she knows nothing about except for his political interest in running for governorship position in Edo. Why are Nigerians wicked like this.”

Spitting out more facts, Effiong added, “When he wanted to be President of the NBA, some of us felt he would be too elitist because he leads Templars; one of the biggest elite law firms in Nigeria.

“Alas, Akpata turned out to be the exact opposite. I don’t want to make this about politics. Olumide Akpata is a very honest and principled man. This man challenged the process of appointment of judges in ways that shocked many. He publicly disagreed with the then Chief Justice of Nigeria.

*Given how our profession is in Nigeria, it takes a very courageous person to do that. Akpata took Buhari to the cleaners many times. When many lawyers and Nigerians protested against the invitation of El-Rufai to the Annual General Conference of the NBA, Akpata removed his name.”

He further pleaded that Akpata’s image should not be smeared for political interest.

“Please let’s not demonize a good man because of political expediency. The attached photo was taken when Akpata personally appeared in court on behalf of the NBA in one of the public interest lawsuits instituted during his presidency.”

However, in a later post, Chubba took to her X handle to apologize.

She wrote: “Thank you,@InibeheEffiong, for the clarification. My apologies to @OlumideAkpata and his supporters.”

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