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Kanayo Kanayo Draws Battle Line, Urges Producers To Boycott Actress Angel Unigwe Over Alleged Exploitation By Mother (Video)



Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has issued a stern warning to movie producers, urging them to avoid working with fast-rising actress Angel Unigwe due to her mother’s alleged exploitative behavior.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Kanayo Kanayo claimed that Angel’s mother has been holding producers to ransom, breaching contracts and disrupting movie sets. He revealed that he had personal experience with the issue, as Angel’s mother failed to honor their agreement and took her daughter from the set without notice.

Kanayo Kanayo called on producers to protect the entertainment industry and avoid working with Angel Unigwe until July 1, 2024, threatening to disrupt any movie set that employs her services. He alleged that Angel’s mother has been threatening many producers and exploiting them financially.

Watch the video below; reports that this incident comes amid a larger conversation about exploitation in the Nollywood industry. Recalled, producer and actor Ani Amatosero (Effixzzy Boss) lamented about unpaid jobs, while Etinosa Idemudia called out reality star Pere for owing her money. Etinosa also revealed that three producers had confided in her about their issues with Pere, labeling him an “armed robber” and urging producers to collect their dues.
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