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Kano: Mixed Reactions Over Move To Demolish Nasarawa Palace



Kano government orders ejection of Bayero from Nasarawa palace

Mixed reactions have erupted on social media following the move by the  Kano State government to mobilize  bulldozers and excavators to begin the process of demolishing the Nasarawa Emirate Palace, which is the current residence of the 15th Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero.” reports this came after the Federal High Court set aside the new law used in returning Emir Sanusi Lamido.

In a swift reaction, the Kano State Government instructed the State Commissioner of Police to promptly remove the 15th Emir Aminu Ado Bayero from the Nassarawa Palace, which is owned by the state.

The Kano government further announced that the properties would undergo demolition for the purpose of reconstruction.

A viral video online captured bulldozers and excavators set to demolish the Nasarawa Emirate Palace.

This development quickly stirred mixed reactions dividing Sanusi and Bayero.

See some reactions gathered by netizens on X:

@Uncle Faruk said, “This is the level of pettiness I want to see from AKY.”

@wahala Mann said, “Amino Ado should learn from Sanusi and leave in peace.”

@Dambatta said, “Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero is the legitimate Emir of Kano, Governor Abba has no right to evict him from the Nasarawa Palace. So, this order he gave to the State’s Commissioner of Police is null and void.”

@Princeda said, “Alhamdulillah better for people of Kano, Abba has woken up from sleep.”

@haassaan said, “This thing is becoming child’s play Governor Abba is making a big mistake.”

@OpeBee said, “The police should be Mobilized to Nassarwa Palace to forestall the break down of law and order. Nigeria is not a banana republic.”

@Ogben said, “That palace is a piece of history itself and should be protected. The state government should not be destroying historical artifacts and monuments accumulated over years merely for political reasons.”

@osquare78 said, “Not the real makosa music is about to start. Abi court will stop Kano govt from demolishing the palace for renovation again. Nigeria is a country where you match madness with madness.”

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@auwerl serl said, “Aminu wants to be treated this way the governor won’t disappoint!”

@Khadija Garba19 commented, “Misplacement of priorities because tell me why they’re destroying something of historical & monetary value? Plus must it be destroyed? Can’t it be converted to something else?

“Let us not hear they’re using tax-payers money to erect a new palace few years down the lane please.”

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