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Nigerian Family Deported From UK After Husband Exposed Wife’s Fake Nursing Degree (Video)



A surprising development led to the deportation of a family from the UK after a husband exposed his wife’s fake nursing degree to work in the country.

The incident was shared by a UK-based woman who revealed that the couple had marital issues, prompting the wife to request that her husband be removed as her dependent at the Home Office.

This move put the husband at risk of being asked to stop working or being deported back to Nigeria. In a shocking twist, the husband retaliated by reporting his wife to the authorities, revealing that she had used a fake nursing degree to secure employment in the UK.

An investigation into the claim found that the wife had indeed used a fraudulent degree to work as a nurse. As a result, the wife, husband, and their children were all deported back to Nigeria.

Watch the video below;

The story has sparked a lively debate on social media, with many commenting on the couple’s marital issues and the husband’s decision to expose his wife’s deceit.

Read some netizens reactions below;

seuntreacts: “One thing | dont like is when people i, expect the second person not to react to actions of the first person. And they will say because of the kids. The first person no reason am? Well…”

iam_goodnessusman“All I see here is couple living as enemies for a long time. Two people who are using themselves in the name of marriage. Two people who are always competing against each other. Nothing about their marriage has love, trust or even the slightest bit of friendship. Bitterness, hatred and over smartness rules in their lives. Unfortunately, they would have done damaged their kids. I pity the kids.”

botellascubesdrinks: “I am really proud of the man,brotherhood please clap for him”

koko.odunsi: “He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands “. That is to say you can’t have cockroach in your cupboard then report your neighbor for having bugs in theirs.
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