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Man Forced Into Sex Change By ‘Friend,’ Hospital Staff Under Investigation



Man sex change by friend

A 20-year-old man reportedly suffered an unwanted sex change after being lured into hospital by a ‘friend’.

The man woke up in hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, only to realise that his genitals had been removed.

His life was turned upside down, when the ‘friend’ told him that he is now a woman and they will get married as a result.

The victim had been threatened and harassed by the same person for two years, and went into hospital on 3 June after he had been told he needed an immediate inspection by them.

The offender is accused of colluding with doctors to carry out the surgery.

The ‘friend’ was later arrested following an uproar and protest demanding action.

Upon reaching the hospital, medical staff administered anaesthesia to the victim and performed the operation.

When he woke up following the procedure, the ‘friend’ told him that he would now have to live with him as no one from his family or community would accept him.

And if he didn’t do this, he would shoot his father and take his share of his family’s land.

Talking to News18 from the hospital, he said: “I had no idea what was going to happen in the hospital. I just came with faith.

“When I regained consciousness the next day, he told me that I have become a woman now and we both will have to get married.

“He told me that he changed me from a man to a woman and now we will have to live together.

“He said a lawyer had agreed to conduct our court marriage and we will soon move to Lucknow, where his uncle lives.

“He wants to build a house there and he also withdrew Rs 35,000 from my account.”

Farmer leader Shyam Pal, has now staged a protest in front of the medical college demanding action against the accused and the hospital staff who allegedly carried out the procedure without the victim’s consent.

He linked the incident to the ‘illegal business of selling body parts’.

Officer Ramashish Yadav has said: “The family members of the youth alleged that the other party had got the operation done by misleading them.

“The accused will be investigated.

“Further legal action will be taken on the basis of whatever facts come to light.”

UNILAD has contacted the hospital for a comment.

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