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New Jet: Disbelief Trails Akpabio’s Claim Of Tinubu’s Extraordinary Life



Tinubu Akpabio ordinary

Twitter was at the weekend boiling with indignation over a claim attributed to Senator Godswill Akpabio that the life of President Bola Tinubu was more important than that of ordinary Nigerians and hence the National Assembly would approve the purchase of new jets for the presidential fleet.

“We know Nigerians are hungry, but that will not stop us to approve private jet for Mr. President.

“His life is more important now than ordinary citizens. We have to do that as fast as possible,” Senate President Akpabio was quoted as having said.

However, many were doubtful of the assertion with the claim that a political actor like Akpabio could not have made what they described such a reckless statement with some waiting for video evidence.

Whatever, many others believed the assertion. reports that a national debate has recently been stirred by reports of the move to acquire new jets for the Presidential Air Fleet on account of claims of the aging of the jets in the fleet.

However, that move has been trailed by harsh criticism from the opposition led by Peter Obi on the misplacement of priorities by the Tinubu administration.

With the proposal coming up in the face of increased concerns on the increasing hardship in the land the move has unsurprisingly been met with criticisms beyond normal opposition quarters. gathered some reactions on the valuation of the life of Tinubu as beyond that of ordinary Nigerians by Akpabio.

 Akpabio is yet to respond to the Twitter storm over his claim on Tinubu being above the life of ordinary Nigerians.

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