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Outrage As Police Condemn, Stop Short Of Arresting Killers Of Man Accused Of Blasphemy




Over 48 hours after a mob lynched Usman Yunusa, a resident of Nasaru village in Bauchi State, over alleged blasphemous remarks, the Nigeria police have yet to make any arrests.

Instead, the Bauchi State Police Command issued a statement condemning the incident and warning against taking the law into one’s hands.

Usman Yunusa was killed on Wednesday after a heated argument with friends attracted a mob of irate Islamic extremists. Despite police attempts to rescue him, the mob overwhelmed them and fatally assaulted Yunusa with stones, sticks, and other objects.

The police claim Usman Yunusa was killed over tensions and an altercation related to a new religious movement known as the Fera Movement. However, no information has been provided on the arrest of his killers.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Auwal Musa Muhammad, condemned the actions of those involved and emphasized the importance of upholding the law. The police command promised to increase surveillance patrols to ensure public safety and security, urging the community to remain calm and refrain from taking matters into their own hands.

Unfortunately, Usman Yunusa is not the first victim of mob violence over alleged blasphemy in Northern Nigeria, and his killers, like many others, have escaped justice. Netizens has urged the police to take concrete steps to address this impunity and ensure that such heinous crimes are thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@mastermaliq: Interestingly, no northern influencers have spoken out against this irrational act. Their silence implies approval.

@yeyeoba002: They can face Usman Yunusa but can’t face the bandits.

@comrlacky1: This pattern of fighting crime,will not lead Nigeria anywhere…I wouldn’t say more than that.

@kotosiaface17: I said it yesterday, is it that police with guns and tear-gas couldn’t stop “mod” action or they also condemned the victim?

@realikedaddy: I can’t find where Nigerian constitution allows for Muslims killing people on grounds of blasphemy. When somebody blaspheme your god ,blaspheme the person’s god too or leave your god to fight his battle.. why is this difficult to understand

@voila60voila: NPF if it was in ABA, ABIA STATE, you guys would have arrested the whole street , block the roads and even kpai some ppl.Do we have different laws for each Tribe in this country?
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