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CHIVIDO: Skit Maker, OGB Recent Gets Wedding Invite, Offers To Sell It For N5m

By Gideon Ayeni



Popular content creator and skit maker, OGB Recent, has taken to social media to flaunt his exclusive invitation to Davido and Chioma’s highly anticipated wedding. The coveted package, adorned with the couple’s names, contains a slew of luxurious items, including a silver clothing material.

In a playful post, OGB Recent teased his followers, offering to sell the VIP wedding invitation to the highest bidder. “If you want your own, come collect. It’s N10M, but I’ll give it to you for N5M,” he joked.

Watch the video below;

The skit maker’s boast has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans, with many wondering what other surprises the wedding might hold. As the big day approaches, the buzz around Davido and Chioma’s union continues to build, with OGB Recent’s post adding to the anticipation.

It’s unclear if the offer is genuine or just a playful jab, but one thing is certain – the wedding is shaping up to be an unforgettable affair, and OGB Recent’s invitation package is the envy of many. reports that the Davido wedding to Chioma has become the issue of the moment among celebrities with invitation to the wedding becoming a source of pride to men.
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