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Go Sell Crayfish, Kanayo Slams Desperate Wannabe Actresses Without Talent, Laments Homosexuality In Nollywood (Video)



Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has sparked controversy with his candid remarks about the Nigerian film industry. In a teaser for his upcoming interview with The Honest Bunch podcast, Kanayo lambasted desperate aspiring actresses, stating that many lack acting talent and are only seeking fame.

“Acting isn’t something you come to Nollywood to learn; it’s an innate talent. If it’s not in you, then sell crayfish,” he bluntly advised.

Kanayo also addressed the sensitive topics of homosexuality and drug use in the industry. “There are many gay men in Nollywood, and unfortunately, drug use is prevalent among artistes,” he revealed.

Watch him speaks in the video below; reports that his comments echo similar statements made by Kunle Remi last year, which sparked backlash and cost him an AMVCA award. Kanayo has been vocal about the state of Nollywood, previously criticizing the influx of social media influencers and the prioritization of physical appearance over talent.

Recall that he warned movie producers about working with fast-rising actress Angel Unigwe, citing issues with her mother’s alleged interference in film productions. Kanayo vowed to disrupt any movie set featuring the actress.

Kanayo’s comments have ignited a heated debate about the Nollywood industry’s values and the need for reform. While some applaud his honesty, others criticize his approach and the potential harm his words may cause to aspiring actors and the LGBTQ+ community.

Read some netizens reactions below;

Houston Marron: “What’s shocking about gay people in the film industry? Aren’t they human beings that exist just like straight people. You sound so dùmb sir

Tina De Fidelle1: “Kunle Remi said the same things and they denied him a AMVCA award. I’m just glad that it’s coming from someone they can’t take anything from

Official Sugar: “Entertainment industry is just a dark place

Odevivi wrote: “Shebi Kunle Remi said this thing on this same podcast lmao”.
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