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Laide Bakare Condemns Police Brutality After Daughter’s Terrifying Encounter (Video)



Laide Bakare Police

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has spoken out against police brutality after her daughter, Simi, a minor was left shaken following an encounter with Nigerian police officers.

The incident occurred on Ikorodu expressway, when the police stopped their car according to her, without reason and drove away with Simi still inside.

Laide expressed her outrage, questioning how a sane person could take a minor away in someone else’s car. She described the experience as “terrible” and highlighted the need for change. “Yesterday, I experienced the brutal way Nigerians are treated towards Ikorodu expressway. No agency will ever drive a 14-year-old girl away. My daughter was confused and terrified, not knowing where she was being taken.”

Laide further alleged that the police officials targeted big cars and vulnerable individuals to exploit and rob. She claimed they demanded her ATM card to withdraw N70,000. “They target big cars and vulnerable people to exploit and rob. They entered my car and zoomed off with my little girl. It still feels like a movie.”

The incident has sparked outrage, with many sympathizing with Laide and her daughter. Others urged her to report the incident to the President, emphasizing that change begins with speaking out against injustice.

Read some netizens reactions below;

Honey Drop Fashion: “Madam complain to Mr President

Idowu Alaje Venture: “If it’s starting to happen to you celeb that send open letters to president I think government will find solution

Yetty Berry: “Thai is absolutely out of order. Sorry, you had such experience. I hope you’ve reported the incident cause this social media ain’t it

Slizzie Smith: “What’s all the rubbish now, who did that to the poor girl? Nigerian officers need to do better

Rotimi Patrick Oluwagade: “Happens everyday. Lagos State is a city with the officials behaving abnormally when on operations. That is the bane of the ordinary common man daily

Princess Adeyemi Akindele: Nah today? U are talking now just because it’s happened to u now, Nigeria is a crime series”.

Laide’s courageous stance shines a light on the pressing issue of police brutality in Nigeria, and her voice joins the chorus of many demanding reform and accountability.
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