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Nigerian Pastor Slams Social Media Trend of Hiding Partners’ Faces, Calls it ‘Madness’

By Gideon Ayeni



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Renowned clergyman Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has taken to social media to express his disapproval of the growing trend of individuals hiding their partners’ faces on social media platforms. In a post on his official Instagram page, Pastor Kingsley boldly stated that hiding one’s partner’s face is a form of “madness,” especially when no one asked for the post in the first place.

He wrote, “Another form of madness is hiding the face of your partner that we didn’t ask you to post.”

See his post below;

His statement has sparked a lively debate, with many agreeing and disagreeing with his stance.

Pastor Kingsley’s comment highlights the growing concern about the authenticity and transparency of online relationships. While some argue that hiding one’s partner’s face is a privacy issue, others see it as a sign of insecurity or shame.

Read some netizens reactions below;

spotlightmediatech : “Lol 😂 and hiding the faces of children we didn’t ask for …”

lollybillz : “An undiagnosed version of ment 😂”

_lanlaeriyke : “He’s right but I will still hide him 😂😂😂till he have me fully 😂😂😂”

zuchhy_nedu : “Insecurities makes them hide their partners.. nothing you gon tell me”

tohab_event : “And does your bible also ask you to judge 😢madness from the mouth of a pastor 😢solicitor olorun,what’s your business sef”

pslay2u : “Is this man a pastor or relationship coach?”

b.o.d_republic : “My partner and your own may look alike and I don’t like confusion 😂, so it’s better to hide it 😂😂”

drprincessjanet : “It is not anyone’s business if someone decide to show or hide their partner’s face. Calling it madness is ridiculous to say the least.”

chubbie : “Sharon ooja 👀”

The pastor’s bold statement encourages us to reflect on our social media habits and the messages we convey through our online actions. Is hiding our partner’s face a form of madness, or is it a personal choice? The debate continues.
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