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‘We Will Build A More Beautiful Church’, Pastor Chris Reacts After ‘Spiritual Fire Accident’ (Video) 



Pastor Chris reacts after fire engulfed his church

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has said that the fire incident that razed the headquarters church of Christ Embassy Church should be seen as a spiritual attack which, however, will not deter the church, vowing to build a better and more beautiful sanctuary. earlier reported that the church building reportedly caught fire on Sunday morning.

Several viral videos on X captured blazing smoke ascending into the sky from the church building.

In a broadcast, trending on X, Pastor Chris noted that fire incident was not an accident but a spiritual attack adding that the Church is victorious over the enemy.

“When something like this happens, look at it, what does God think? God just gives us an opportunity to do something about it. That’s all. What are we going to do? Okay, great. The house of God. Alright, it’s been rolled down. Okay, alright. We’ll clear out the place. We’ll build a better one, a more beautiful one.

“Let the devil leave his moves.Yeah, that’s it. We must look at life from the spiritual. This is not what you call an accident. No. Because we are not ordinary people. We are helped all the time. He told us, even when, even when you walk, he says, don’t worry. You wouldn’t even dash your foot against the stone. Why? He said, because he gives his angels charge concerning you. The thing that happens in your life is on plan.”

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