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10 Medical Symptoms You Should Not Ignore -Popular Twitter Doctor (Video)



Doctor Chinonso discusses 10 medical symptoms not to ignore

Doctor Chinonso, identified as @aproko_doctor on X has listed 10 medical Symptoms you should never ignore, pertaining to your health.

He said that a health problem is not a thief in the night that creeps up on you when you least expect it.

“It comes with important signs that young and old alike are too quick to dismiss until it is too late.”

Below are the 10 Medical Symptoms Highlighted by Doctor Chinonso:

1.Chest pain:

It can be dull, aching, pressure, sharp, stabbing, but when you notice intense chest pain or a sense of heaviness in the chest, it can be a sign of a heart attack and it can also be caused by many other less serious conditions. But don’t wait to find out the less serious condition. Go to your doctor immediately and you’ll find out. Especially, you know, when you feel like it’s radiating towards your arm. Especially your fingers, your arm or feel like it’s radiating towards your back.

2. Feeling full after eating very little:

 See, if you eat very small and all of a sudden it feels like you cannot eat enough again, go and get checked at the hospital. What you might have is this feeling known as elicity. Possible causes of this reflux disease, you know, there’s food coming back up your oesthovagus, even peticulosis. And in some cases, it can be a more serious problem, such as stomach cancer. 

3. Blood inside your stool, your urine, your vomit or non menstrual bleeding:

Look, there are many reasons why blood can appear in your urine or your stools. It could be disease, it could be trauma, it could be infection, it could be tumors or even some abnormalities. 

You know, because under normal circumstances, there should be no blood present in either of these systems. Even the smallest amount of blood can show that something is occurring. And also, if you see bleeding in a woman who has past menopause, she has to see a doctor. Very important. 

4. Abdominal pain:

Whether it’s crampy, achy, dull, intermittent, sharp, it’s called a stomach ache. The space between your ribs and your hip region is your abdomen and you know there are too many organs inside here. Now when something goes wrong with some of these organs, sometimes it can be a life-threatening situation. So see your doctor if that pain is severe, persistent and abnormal. It could be appendicitis, it could be your intestines could be a gush, tone, host of other conditions. 

It could be something wrong with your liver, but you know, it’s plenty. We don’t have time to go into it, but persevere, persistent. Persistent means that it’s always there. Please go see a doctor. 

5. Flashes of lights:

 If you start seeing bright spots, flashes of light, especially in a dark room, that can be a sign of a migraine and it’s not your village people. In other cases, it could be a sign of a very serious condition in which there’s a layer at the back of your eye.

If it pulls away from that position, it’s’s called retinal detachment. You need immediate care by an eye doctor called a mammalogist that can help prevent permanent blindness to pay attention. Flash of light is not police. It’s your eye. 

6. Pain During intercourse:

 Look, yes, when pain is inside the intercourse or during the intercourse, sometimes it can be caused by some things like dryness, an allergic reaction.

However, there are some more serious issues, endometriosis, UTIs, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases or even vaginismus. I’ve shot a video on it before. 

If you feel pain at the entrance or even deeper pain during penetration, it’s a head up that something is not right somewhere. Sometimes it could even be caused by PID. Right? It’s not a problem that is limited just to women. Even men. If you notice that you have pain during sex, please go see your doctor.

7. You’re always tired:

 Look, many of us are busy, stressed, and exhausted due to everyday life concerns. But if you’re always tired, you’ll understand different from normal tiredness and doesn’t even get better even after you get enough sleep or rest. Might be a warning sign that you need to discuss with your doctor. 

Sometimes, happiness can be a signal for many serious problems. Could be you have low blood, anemia, could be diabetes, could be depression, it could be sleep apnea, could be even chronic fatigue syndrome, could be kidney disease, could be heart disease, it could even be cancer.

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8. Now, headaches: 

This one is very personal to me because many of us get headaches now and then and some go on their own after eating, some even after drinking water, some even after you rest, some after you take an over-the-counter medication.

But there are some headaches that prompt medical attention immediately. If the headache is becoming more frequent, more severe than normal, doesn’t get better with medication, interferes with your work or other daily activities, they should be seen by your doctor. My own, it was a tumor in my brain. 

9. Fever:

Fever is just your body trying to fight off something. Sometimes it’s an infection. So your body thinks that if I can increase the temperature of the body the virus or the bacteria that’s causing this infection may not survive and so it increases the temperature of your body. What it’s doing that’s vibrating the muscles, the muscles generate energy, energy generates heat, increases the temperature of your body. Usually most fevers go on their own but if the fever is persistent right you might need to see a doctor. If the fever is higher than normal you need to see a doctor.

10. Shortness of breath:

Look, anytime you inhale and it doesn’t feel like a complete breath, and see this can even develop gradually or suddenly. If you suddenly find yourself you’re struggling to breathe for whatever apparent reason you need immediate medical attention. Because this could be a sign of many conditions. Things from COVID-19 to asthma to even a clot in your lung or your lungs have collapsed, pneumonia, heart dysfunction, sometimes even heart failure, an allergic reaction.

Doctor Chinonso ended by saying, “See your body is not firewood, it’s not elastic rubber, nobody plans to get sick but if it can happen every now and then so pay attention. 

“Now one thing that all these things have in common is that the chances of your survival is high if you act quickly. Some things can not wait until tomorrow, next week, the next one hour so see your doctor today.”

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