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Doctor Cuts Off Boyfriend’s Manhood After He Fails To Show Up On Their Wedding Day

By Benjamin Abioye



Doctor boyfriend's manhood wedding day

In a shocking act of revenge, a jilted doctor dismembered her boyfriend’s manhood after he failed to appear on their wedding day.

The 25-year-old female medic allegedly committed this horrific act in Bihar, eastern India, on Monday.

The boyfriend, hailing from Madhaura, was immediately rushed to Patna Medical College and Hospital for emergency treatment following the brutal attack.

The accused, who claimed to have been in a relationship with the man for five years, was enraged by his repeated refusals to marry her.

Eventually, the woman from Hajipur persuaded her boyfriend to agree to a registered court marriage.

However, on the long-awaited wedding day, he did not show up at the altar, leaving her devastated and furious.

After waiting in vain for his arrival at the court, she returned home and invited him over, concealing her intentions. When he arrived, unaware of the impending danger, she allegedly used a knife to sever his penis.

Neighbors reportedly heard his agonizing screams and alerted the police about the disturbing events unfolding inside the house.

When the authorities arrived, they were confronted with a gruesome scene: the severely injured man lying on a bed in a pool of blood.

‘The woman is a 25-year-old unmarried doctor from Hajipur. She was doing practice in Madhaura. The victim is also unmarried,’ said the Station House Officer of Madhaura police station in Saran district.

‘We have arrested the accused and further investigation is underway,’ he added.

But this is not the first time a woman in India has chopped off her partner’s penis.

In 2018, an Indian woman sliced off her husband’s genitals for ‘neglecting her and spending time with his second wife’.

A year before, a jilted girlfriend blindfolded her lover and slashed off his penis with a sickle after he said he was marrying someone else.

Incredibly, the victim tried covering for her by claiming he had chopped it off himself.

Also in 2017, a woman in India was arrested after allegedly chopping off her husband’s penis during an argument over his extramarital affair.

The mother-of-four, 30, was arrested in Gudiyatham in Tamil Nadu as she made her way to her parents’ house – with her husband’s genitals still in her purse.

In that same year, a “sex-starved” Indian wife severed her husband’s genitals after a decade of sexual rejection.

Rita Yadav assaulted her husband, Ved Prakash, at their residence in Khora Colony, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, northern India. She alleged that during their 11-year marriage, he had refused to be intimate with her for ten years and suspected him of having an affair.

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