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Reactions Trail Omokri’s Vow To Crush Peter Obi’s Political Career



Omokri vs Obi: Reactions

Reactions have erupted on social media after Reno Omokri publicly threatened to destroy the political career of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Omokri who communicated his intention via his Instagram handle wrote, “By the time I am finished with this man, he will struggle to win even in his zone. Both he and his followers will ever regret threatening my child. 

“What they did to me can NEVER be forgiven. I am prepared to die in defence of my children!

“It is either I destroy him politically forever, or he destroys me. There is NO FORGIVENESS!”

Omokri’s threat has since sparked reactions. See some reactions gathered by from Instagram:

agboolaodunfa dared, “Come to naija to face him and his followers let’s kuku know who strong pass.”

somtochris said, “The way obi ignored your existence really made you mad.”

adelolakola said, “Unfortunately you can only cast 1 vote Anytime you go for obi you have less comments.. Move on.”

dbuzharmony said, “Person go wake up for morning, carry phone and start typing rubbish, who wan fear you..Peter obi? lol oga you are irrelevant politically. You see how unwise you are.

” You said a Peter obi follower bullied your child online.. why not use all your energy and find the person and sue him/her simple but no you are busy fighting yourself everyday on the internet. Na like this person dey mad small small oo oga Reno.”

newstepsng reacted, “Obi is not even in ur league again, he’s way higher than you used to think.”

sleekgist said, “Peter obi’s continous silence is killing this one.”

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isaacfayoseoriginal commented, “Who God has bless no man can curse Peter Obi is not that bad.”

kingx 1419 reacted, “Reno na your mate de con- test, come back Nija at least contest Governorship, cho cho cho.”

gustavo_okoye reacted, “Reno I don’t even know what is the problem with you. Why are you fighting someone that is above you in every aspect of life? Even in spirituality Obi pass you.”

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