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Cardi B Hit with Lawsuit Over Alleged Copyright Violation in Hit Single “Enough (Miami)”



American rapper Cardi B is facing legal action over claims of copyright infringement in her chart-topping single “Enough (Miami)”. Two vocalists from Texas and Oklahoma, Miguel Aguilar (Kemika 1956) and Joshua Fraustro (Sten Joddi), have filed a lawsuit against Cardi B, alleging that she used portions of their 2021 song “Greasy Frybread” without proper licensing.

The plaintiffs claim that Cardi B’s production team incorporated significant elements from their song, which was released three years prior to “Enough (Miami)” in March 2024. Notably, “Greasy Frybread” was even used to promote the FX series “Reservation”.

The lawsuit names Cardi B, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, and producers OG Parker and DJ SwanQo as co-defendants. The plaintiffs are seeking damages and a court order to halt further distribution of “Enough (Miami)”.

This legal battle raises questions about the originality of Cardi B’s work and the responsibility of artistes to properly clear samples and credits. As the case unfolds, fans and industry insiders will be watching closely to see how the courts rule on this high-profile copyright dispute.
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