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Nigerian Critics Put Tinubu On The Spot Over Congratulations To UK’s Keir Starmer

By Benjamin Abioye



Tinubu NPA

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has come under fire from Nigerians after congratulating newly elected UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer.

In his message, Tinubu praised Starmer and the Labour Party for their victory and highlighted the Prime Minister’s “determination and courage” as a former opposition leader.

Tinubu expressed hopes for strengthening ties between Nigeria and the UK, stating: “I warmly congratulate Prime Minister Keir Starmer on the victory of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom general election. As a former leader of the opposition in Nigeria, I specially note the determination and courage that the Prime Minister demonstrated throughout his years in the opposition and as the leader of the Labour Party. The party’s ability to reform, mobilize, and position itself for victory after 14 years affirms the leadership qualities of Sir Starmer.

“I also congratulate the citizens and the government of the United Kingdom for being an abiding model of democracy. I look forward to deepening relations between Nigeria and the United Kingdom in mutual areas of interest and in strengthening democratic institutions, as well as in building a safer and more prosperous future for the people of both countries. H.E. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

However, Tinubu’s congratulatory message sparked a wave of criticism from Nigerians, who compared the UK’s free and fair election process to Nigeria’s contentious 2023 election, which saw Tinubu come to power amid allegations of electoral malpractices.

@PureStanley1 commented, “I hope u observed how UK conducted their election and announced the results in real time, there was no technical glitch or shutting down of the IREV portal just like what we witnessed here in February 25, 2023? There was no electoral vioIent, electoral malpractice or snatching and burning of ballot boxes just like u did in 2023 to get in power?”

@trawilly remarked, “Snatch it and run away with it Tinubu didn’t see that happening in UK. Nigeria is animal kingdom. They can not learn anything from this.”

Others suggested that Tinubu’s message had ulterior motives, with @Nwafresh saying, “Baba, if you want to collect loan, just come out and say it. Which one is ‘deepening relations’.”

The criticisms continued, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with Tinubu’s leadership and the conduct of the previous election. @EmirSirdam added, “You are a disaster, do you see how elections are conducted in saner climes? Nobody rigged it, snatched it, grabbed it or ran away with it. The results were not declared in the middle of the night when witches and wizards meet.”

@iam_wilsons summed up the sentiment by stating, “Illegitimate president through the snatch it, grab it & run away with it system. Did you see how peaceful & transparent the UK election was yesterday? Ndi mgbu.”

As public outrage grows, comparing Nigeria’s troubled election to the UK’s fair process highlights Nigerians’ deep mistrust and frustration with their own electoral system and leadership.

See more reactions below:

@ceasarokoli: Please don’t go near him, for anything APC contacts becomes contaminated.

@victor_onyibest: Was expecting this message at midnight 🙄

@OptimisticAda1: Imagine the Irony 🤦‍♀️

@DChosen1One: Did you for once heard him say it was his turn or neither did any use of technology fail to give him the winning. The people voted and their voters outcome was applauded and accepted by all parties. Before I forget, none of the candidates had a criminal record

@DiamondEase: This man  is a failure and a disaster that stinks all over the world.

@Konigtimz: Sir I heard they had a free and election there.

Nobody stole ballot box.

And labour party won.

Please can you emulate that process?

@OgaMayorr: No YAKUBU

No Technical Glitch

No ballot Box hijack

Yoruba party members were not discriminated and asked to go back to Nigeria

Shame on you

@shyna4me: After you rigged the election, did u see mc oluomo in Peckham or London harassing iya chukwudi? Chief rest and enjoy your fraudulent time. No need to shalaye

@BlaqMale_: You are congratulating a democratically elected prime minister- Nigerians didn’t elect u.


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