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Biden Under More Pressure To Exit Despite ABC Interview



President Biden mental capacity

Senior United States, US  Democrats are set to pile pressure on President Joe Biden to quit the presidential race despite an uneventful interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where the presumed Democratic Party presidential nominee sought to defuse the fears that arose over his mental capacity for the job a week ago. reports that the ABC interview did not unmake the concerns of many Americans who express concern about the mental capacity of President Bush to carry on with the job.

At least 72% of Americans believe that President Biden does not have the mental capacity to be president. The outcome of that poll has aroused senior democrats on the potential of Biden not just losing the White House but also leading to the loss of the two houses of Congress. reports that a senior Democratic Senator , Mark Warren has reportedly been rallying senaotrs for a meeting on Monday to urge Biden to withdraw from the contest.

That meeting is to be preceded by a virtual meeting of House Democrats to discuss the issue on Sunday.

The meetings are being propelled by the groundswell of concern at the grassroots by the lawmakers who are vacationing in their constituencies. Many of the Democrats away from Washington are being told that something urgent must be done to find a replacement for Biden as presidential candidate.

While many of the concerned senators and congressmen are still working behind the scene, a few Democrats like Mike Quigley have openly come out to ask President Biden to step down. further reports that President Biden has the strong support of Senator John Fetterman who believes he is the right candidate being that “Biden is the only man who has beaten Trump” before.

In the interview with George Stephanopoulos President Biden debunked doubts about his mental capacity but his assertions during the interview, however, did not undo the harm that arose from his debate with Donald Trump.

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